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Mission Statement

Kuhn and Associates, Inc. are dedicated to providing envelope consulting services that are second to none.  We are dedicated to client satisfaction and overall job performance.  Our team commits to meeting the individual client goals and expectations by producing superior performance and quality.   


Our Philosophy

Kuhn and Associates, Inc. (K&A) is a roofing and waterproofing consulting and testing firm that was established to provide its clients with professional services that are  second to none.  Dedicated to client satisfaction and overall job performance, K&A strives to meet the individual client goals and expectations by producing superior performance and quality.

The philosophy of K&A is to provide our clients with solid, sound information and recommendations based on accepted industry standards but viewed with an eye toward their fiscal and construction requirements.  Options and recommendations are developed with no bias toward the final decision.  This is possible because K&A has no financial ties or interests with any manufacturer or contractor.

Roofing and waterproofing consulting is an industry with a variety of standards and codes.  Standards and codes exist for the roofing consultant and design of roofing  systems. Building codes provide guidance in the design and installation of roofing systems.    

Standards such as Factory Mutual Global, Underwriter’s Laboratories, National Roofing Contractors Association, and the various Organizations such as the American  Society for Testing and Materials, the Roof Consultants Institute, and the Construction Specifications Institute provide the standards, ethics, certifications, and education by which consultants can adhere.  Recognizing that the acceptance and application of proven standards will benefit both the consultant and the client, K&A voluntarily submits itself to these and other organizations.

K&A views each project with a personal commitment to job performance and client satisfaction.  K&A does what is required to maintain client satisfaction and to ensure successful project completion. No job is considered finished until our client is 100% satisfied.  Realizing that communication with our clients is foremost at project start-up, K&A will maintain  communication with the client and contractor during and after project completion.


Our Methodology

K&A is able to meet the needs of our clients in an effective and client-focused manner. K&A knows that thoroughness and consistency are essential for a successful project, and we have established documented procedures for conducting our services, which allows K&A to provide a consistently high level of professional and personal service. K&A also focuses on creating a team environment within our company. We believe that being a team player ensures a pleasant and productive environment. Which benefits personnel, owner’s, client representatives, and stakeholders.

K&A uses a Division 1 –General Conditions checklist, which serves to establish an open line of communication with the client. This checklist pertains to the administrative requirements of a contract and requirements for bonding, building code, general conditions of the contract, warranty types and durations, applications for payment, and other administrative aspects of a roofing and waterproofing project.

K&A also uses in-house design document checklist which is used for designing a new roof or a reroof project. The design checklist takes into account determining R-value, drainage requirements, dew point, tapered insulation heights and thicknesses, and perimeter design to include sheet metal and flashings.

At K&A we strive to assist existing and future clients in understanding their needs as early as possible in the process. We believe in taking a proactive approach to identify project issues and risks before negative or adverse consequences are able to occur.



Registered Roof Consultant (RRC)
Registered Roof Observer (RRO)
Certified Construction Specifier (CCS)
Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA)

K&A personnel continually broaden their knowledge and proficiency through participation in external and internal training initiatives and the sharing of expertise.



K&A serves as active members in the following associations:


Gulf Coast Chapter of RCI - www.gcrci.com


Greater Conroe/ Lake Conroe Area Chamber of Commerce - www.conroe.org


Association of Chief Operating Engineers – A.C.O.E. - www.acoe.net


Council of Educational Facility Planners International—C.E.F.P.I.- www.cefpi.org


Houston Chapter of Roofing Contractors Association of Texas—R.C.A.T.- www.rcathouston.org



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